Monday, November 7, 2011

Why Kim Kardashian does not have to give back her engagement ring.

Married for 72 days?

Keep the ring!

Etiquette books may say if a marriage has lasted less than a year, then an engagement ring should be returned. Michigan law, is not politically correct on this issue. If the Kim Kardashian divorce was filed in Michigan, she would get to keep the ring.

Under Michigan law, as long as the parties go through with the wedding, the ring is a gift and need not be returned in the event of divorce. On the other hand, if a party breaks off the engagement, the ring is returned, regardless of the circumstances why the wedding was cancelled or who cancelled the wedding.

So the ridiculously large, the reported $2 million diamond ring Kardashian received from now-ex-husband Kris Humphries, she keeps it.

Now if they only had a pre-nuptial agreement . . .


Citation: 244 Mich. App. 697,625 N.W.2d 136,2001 Mich. App.

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JL said...

Love the article - You mean they don't have a prenup???? Huh???